Photographs by Adam Peterson of Restless Photography *    & George Chambers Photography.

- Hannah May

Artist Statement

​​​With trendy tea parties and Victorian fashion in mind, I create functional ceramic art that will inspire dressing up one's self and one's table.  My ceramic tea sets are designed for use in a tea shop or for a fanciful tea experience--anywhere, really.

I work primarily with a modified porcelain clay body.  By firing with wood and soda, I can achieve a broad color palette, while allowing for a whimsical spontaneity to develop during the atmospheric glazing.

In my work, form is the most important consideration.  Designing and executing a graceful form is a necessary challenge to overcome in each piece before I consider decoration.  Surface design is an equally pivotal process and complex frenzy--in a good way of course--but is dependent upon first achieving, eloquent forms with layers of fascinating information.

Tea parties aren't simply about the frills, but the ruffled skirts of my pots and playful surface decorations are designed to rekindle and eagerness to have fun with everyday eating and drinking

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